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The memories sound and song can give last forever.
Every time we get to dress an event with the chosen tunes it surprises and completes.
Not always noticed, background, front stage, just an overall feeling of scenery, every setting a different expectation to fulfill.

I personally love to sing old jazz from Peggy Lee and easy listening versions of modern pop.
The soothing sounds of Fado and Tango can capture the essence of emotion.
With the combination of a full band, orchestra, piano, bass or guitar, everything and every sound is possible.

As a singer I got to travel far and beyond with the most amazing collegeas and great venues.
I was so lucky to do a tour with the girls from The Midnight Diamonds in China and Oman, got to sing Tango in Argentina, sang with singer and pianist Arjan Lienaerts in France at the Jazz Festival Chamonix, worked with rapper Job Jaman on his debut album in Swiss, not to mention all the great shows with amazing talented people here in the Netherlands.

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A variety of passionate musicians playing everything from Fado, Bossa and Tango to Criolla in different settings.
They found a way to capture their various musical and theatre backgrounds and preferences to represent all the lovely musical places in the world.


Singing as a guest soloist

– various repertoire
(World Music, Jazz, Soul, etc)

– orchestra’s

– bands

– special occasions


Glitter, glamour, 4 amazing female singers and a dazzling show with swirling dresses and swinging choreographies.

Let’s face it, all the good stuff happens at a Midnight Party!

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My heart jumps hearing the album Focus of Ennio Morricone and Dulce Pontes,
one of my biggest wishes is to perform those pieces with an orchestra.
Just putting it out there 🙂