Laureen Peskens is an allround presenter and moderator for environmental, sustainability, healthcare and governmental subjects.
In her private life she focusses on making small changes with big impact where as in het professional career she is looking for the synergy between parties. With a strong debate or opening up a conversation for an unheard opinion, Laureen makes sure that everybody is on the same page or at least on the same route so moving forward is almost effortless.
Keeping the listener in mind, Laureen changes the dynamic to keep everybody engaged and reach the set goals.

Method: As a presenter, Laureen likes to think along about the structure and interaction to make the content interesting and dynamic. Writing the script for the technical staff, consultations with the guest speakers, ins and outs of the hosting system, preparing interviews with the speakers and the execution itself; let us know what you need and we will see how we can best shape your (online) meeting.

Laureen also gives workshops and trainings in various subjects; Presenting (stage & camera), moderation workshops and sessions about work ethics, inclusion to revenue boosts.
Companies such as Holland Casino, Bovemij, RVO and Surf preceded you.


With more than 150 webinars and studio recordings in the past 2 years, Laureen feels completely at ease in front of the camera.
As a moderator, she ensures that the desired content and message hits home in the right way. Her expertise and experience guarantee a completely unburdened studio day for both organization and participants.

Training videos / teaching modules
Laureen is the familiar face and voice at various parties for the (internal) training videos and teaching modules entirely in company style in the green-screen studio, with or without autocue and on location.
She is regularly in front of the camera for Rituals (EN), the Dutch government, The Dutch Victim support Foundation, Regional Water Authorities, Kober Childcare and she is the face of the continuous learning line for music education at the Amsterdam Music school.

Live coverage:
Laureen also reporting live in front and next to the camera to present and guide daily events, aftermovies, interviews on location and quick vlogs for corporations such as The Flowertrials (EN), RVO, ABB, Bush Jaeger and many others.

Laureen is a rock solid camera presenter and thanks to her experience, knows exactly what preparation your recording needs and how to support you best.



FAQ items aan het laden...


Laureen graduated from the conservatory of Tilburg in 2013 in Music Theater (BA & MA), after which she trained as a certified training actor.

Laureen started her career as a freelance singer with several international companies such as The Midnight Diamonds (Winner TV program All Together Now, China Tour, Oman Tour) & The World Music Company and nowadays also works as Lead Soloist on various occasions at home and abroad.

Laureen has been sharing the stage as a presenter and moderator for over 10 years.
With a Cambridge Degree Honorable Mention Proficiency Level English, Laureen leads the conversation in both fluent English and Dutch.

Due to her entrepreneurship and extensive event and stage experience, Laureen is regularly asked to organize events, weddings and she develops acts for Eleonore Entertainment.

As an actress and training actress, Laureen appeared in several TV programs, commercials and events.

“When you have found various skills that you are good at, you like to know the ins and outs of every subject you are involved in, you get energised by that and colleagues and clients ask you back time and time again, why should do you only practice one profession?
My specialization is being as round as allround can be.” – Laureen


Laureen can be heard with her warm, friendly and pleasant voice in several corporate films as a Voice-over in both Dutch and English.

Possibility to record in home studio, fast delivery and editorial check possible.

Laureen also works as a Dubbing actress in cartoons and live action.

English (UK)



Laureen is/was in various advertisements such as Unwrapping videos, TVC, print, recruitment videos and even a cooking show to demonstrate F&B products.

ABB, Vattenfall, Krasloten, Knor, Sony, Bush Jaeger, ING, Sunweb, SRA, Brabantia, ANWB, Lily’s Favourites

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