As a singer I got to travel far and beyond with the most amazing collegues and great venues.
I was so lucky to do a tour with the girls from The Midnight Diamonds in China and Oman, got to sing Tango in Argentina, sang with singer and pianist Arjan Lienaerts in France at the Jazz Festival Chamonix, worked with rapper Job Jaman on his debut album in Swiss, not to mention all the great shows with amazing talented people here in the Netherlands.

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Worldwide Cruise Soloist
In Laureen’s shows, you’ll hear not only the arc of her vocal career but the highs and lows of a unique voice in eclectic music. She will deliver a beautiful mix of songs from great artists such as Shirley Bassy, Carlos Gardell, Celine Dion, Doris Day, Nat King Cole, Edith Piaf and many more.

Laureen produces full production live shows with brand new arrangements, original LED video content including her own art and captivating lighting for an intimate concert experience. 

Let Miss Laureen Day take you on a journey showering you with all the musical enchantment that will fulfil your heart and soul.

The World Music Company contains different projects with a variety of passionate musicians.

They found a way to capture the various musical and theatre backgrounds and preferences to represent all the lovely musical places in the world in the performance of The World Music Group.

It is about thinking of the world as one big sound palace and allowing fusion within all styles while bringing the best of them all.

Currently the musicians of The World Music Company are spread around the world and meet to make music together whenever they get a chance.

Laureen is CO-founder and part of the girl group The Midnight Diamonds.

The Diamonds went on a tour trough China where they performed at all the Poly Grand Theaters in 19 big city’s such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing together with the Neil van der Drift band.
They are also regularly performing in Oman and at big events such as corporate meetings and charity gala’s in the Netherlands.

Glitter, glamour, 4 amazing female singers and a dazzling show with swirling dresses and swinging choreographies.

Let’s face it, all the good stuff happens at a Midnight Party!


My heart jumps hearing the album Focus of Ennio Morricone and Dulce Pontes,
one of my biggest wishes is to perform those pieces with an orchestra.
Just putting it out there 🙂